Make Your Own Teepee For Under $40! February 25 2014, 0 Comments

If you've shopped around for a teepee you know they come with a pretty hefty price tag but yet look so easy to make. I had been gathering ideas to make a reading corner for my daughter's room so this seemed like a fun and easy challenge. It requires very minimal sewing and power tool skills and, even better, it cost just under $40 to make!  I even got  my little one involved when it came time to paint so she could add her own personal touch.
 Materials Needed:
(5) 1x2x8 Spruce Pine Furring Strips (Lowe's)
9'x6' Canvas Drop Cloth (Lowe's)
Twine (Lowe's)
Acrylic Paint (Walmart)
Sponge Brushes (Walmart)
Pink Paracord (Walmart)
Grommets (Walmart)
Miter Saw
Sewing Machine
    Mark each piece of wood with a pencil and cut to desired height. I cut mine down to 6'.
    Drill holes in the top center of each piece of wood. Next, feed a piece of twine through all the holes and tie it. Don't worry if it's not really tight.
    Wrap some twine around  all of the wood. It will hold everything in place, hide the twine you fed through all the wood, and just makes it look pretty.
    Now comes the more "tedious"part.
    Fold your drop cloth in half and cut a small semi-circle out in one of the corners. This will be the top of your teepee.
    Next, I draped the cloth over the teepee for two reasons: to make sure the semi circle was the right size and to see how much excess fabric I had to cut off the bottom. I just cut off the excess fabric while it was still draped to make things easier. If you want it to look more neat just lay it flat and cut.
    After I had all my measurements right, I was ready to add the paracord, grommets and paint.
    I added paracord to the top, where the semi-circle was cut, by simply folding the cloth in about a 1/2"  for casing to run the cord through. Cut to size (save the remaining cord for the next step). This drawstring is great for holding the drop cloth in place.
    Next, lay the drop cloth flat with both teepee opening flaps side by side. I measure about 1" in and 3" down for each set of grommets. I pressed the grommets in place ( you may need to use pliers to press them together) and  trimmed the extra fabric out of the center of the grommets. Lace the remaining cord through.
    Lastly, I cut the sponge brushes into triangles, circles, and squares . Make sure to put a towel under the drop cloth when painting (I remembered about 5 minutes into this step. Oops!). Since I had my 4 year old helping me, these were easy shapes for her to work with. Dip the shapes into your desired paint color and make any pattern you like!
    I added extra touches by making a banner out of leftover paracord and craft paper, wrapping heart string lights, I found in Target's dollar section, around the inside, and ordering an engineer print at Staple's for under $2! Just throw in a blanket and some pillows and you're ready to enjoy and marvel at your awesome creation! My daughter loves her reading corner and uses it as a little hideaway too!
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